Thursday, 24 October 2013

Working on my... personality?

Well I knew I had taken a break from blogging, but I did not realise it had been almost three months! Time flies, and all that. I actually took a break from the whole blogging/blog-reading/Youtube-watching world. Cold turkey. To be honest, I realised that I was spending way too much of my time and energy and brain power on things that really shouldn't be taking up much time and energy and brain power at all. 

As I told Mitch, I decided I needed to concentrate more on the things that matter. Actually, I think my exact words were I need to grow a personality!!! whilst in a fit of angst and revelation. So now, in the interests of personality-building, I read the news and websites full of vaguely-intellectual, interesting opinion articles when I need to unwind/procrastinate/distract myself, instead of blogs. I'm watching good ('good' being highly subjective ;) ) TV shows and movies to relax instead of people talking to/about themselves on YouTube. There have been some wardrobe (and makeup!) culls. Less shopping. More reading of books. And baking. There is a lot of baking involved. So personality-building is probably not so good for my health ;)

I know this all sounds ridiculously pretentious and artificial, but really it's not. These are just things I've always been interested in which have been pushed aside by some bad/lazy habits. Hobbies which are entertaining and brain-stimulating. Activities which are more outward-looking than self-focused. Not saying I'm suddenly a cultured intellectual who eschews the fun and superficial (that ain't ever going to happen!) but I'm definitely feeling better about what I'm spending my brain power on. Just feeling a bit more balanced.

Here's a sampling of some things from the interwebs that I have particularly liked recently (and which are in my folder called 'For Brain' - really!!)...

And here's a picture of me in case you don't believe I'm actually still alive...

On the way to the Justice Awards Night with Mitch, where I was one of a group of law student volunteers nominated for the Community Legal Centres NSW Award :)


  1. Gah!! i was so excited to see a new post from you pop up! welcome back lady! you have been missed around these parts. haha and you should suggest more articles to read more often. love this.

  2. i understand what you are saying. i think everything has a time and a place and it is about balancing that all out, i need to do that more too. sometimes i blog while i watch documentaries does that count? haha. definitely going to check out these articles.

  3. you look beautiful!! glad to see you're still alive. I have been feeling a little bit like this too, recently. I'm finding it hard to catch up on blog reading because there are other things i'd prefer to do with my night. Maybe I'll have to look at taking a break, or something, just for a bit. bah...

  4. Good for you pretty lady! Life takes balance, a little bit of sweet baking, a little working, a little blog reading... all in moderation is key ;)


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  5. A mind opener post, great.

    Love your dress and you look stunning dear.


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  6. I think it's great you took a break to discover more about yourself. Knowing yourself involves a process and one that is very personal. Everyone has a different experience and different things that makes them become a different person. People change over time and it's great to take that time for yourself. =)


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