Sunday, 28 July 2013

A weekend in Sydney

At the zoo! Best view in Sydney.
Spot the spooners?
Always good to know...
Caught in the act!
I could watch these guys forever.
Pram parking!!
The view from our rather fabulous hotel room.
Complimentary bubbles and fruit.
Ready for dinner.
Dress: K-Mart. Necklace, boots: Sportsgirl.
You're pretty, Sydney.
Long time, no see! I'm back from a week of an doing intensive uni subject and a week of holidays at the snow. I thought I'd ease back into things with some pretty pictures from the lovely weekend Mitch and I spent in Sydney a few weeks ago. 

First stop was Taronga Zoo, where we spent the day equally admiring the animals and the view. We stayed the night at a fancy hotel, where Mitch got us a free suite due to a bad experience last time (now that's what I call good customer service). The next day we I did a lovely bit of shopping, followed by catching an afternoon screening of The Heat. Rave alert: that film is bomb-diggity, pee-yourself laughing good. 

Mitch had planned the whole weekend as a total surprise. Despite his supreme sneakiness, and refusal to even talk about it for fear of giving something away, I did guess where we were going beforehand. What can I say, I know him too well ;)


  1. Looks amazing! Great photos!

  2. Oh I love Sydney I am jealous of your little trip, especially a visit to the zoo! Looks like you had really good weather too.

  3. Makes me jealous, I love visiting Sydney.

    You guys make the cutest couple on your date!

    Wardrobe Quarry

  4. These photos make me want to go to the zoo, the giraffes in particular are just adorable! Looks like you guys had a lovely time xx

  5. Fantastic photos! My favourite at Taronga Zoo is the wombat - last time I went he was sleeping though LOL. I love the koalas too of course :)

  6. Thanks!!! Omgosh I've seen the wombat sleeping on his back before- so cute! :)

  7. holy cow!! what a sweet guy! i am absoltuely amazed and impressed he planned this all. the zoo looks awesome & looks like you had so much fun together.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  8. I love your dress! You look so elegant and chic. And the burger - made me pause to drool.