Friday, 16 November 2012

Good Bad Ugly

Vest: Esprit. T-Shirt: Dotti. Skirt: K-Mart. Shoes: Corelli.


Being able to relax without feeling guilty about all the study I'm meant to be doing. Uni already feels so long ago!

Looking forward to all the fun things Mitch and I can do over summer. I'll actually have weekends free to spend with him - like a real grown up!

Half way through my one-month clothes shopping ban and staying strong! Haven't even been tempted yet! Touch wood...

Being nominated for the Liebster Award (again! haha that thing sure gets around ;) ) by the lovely Rifka.


Inhaling too many bleach fumes when cleaning the bathroom. I felt like my head was upside down in a swimming pool for the rest of the day.  That can't be good...

Spending the whole time I was at yoga wondering whether I knew the girl behind me from uni, only to turn around at the end and realise that nope, she was a complete stranger. Guess I need to work on that clearing the mind thing…

Not having any chocolate in the house when I was having serious chocolate cravings, so eating basically everything else in sight to try and scratch the itch...didn't work ;)


You know that upside down peach cake I raved about on Monday? Well, we'd only eaten less than half of it before it got mouldy! Turns out gooey fruit-y cakes should be kept in the fridge :(

And here's one last photo...because you just can't wear a side-split-skirt and not do the Angelina! 



  1. Hahaha excellent post! Made for a nice Friday morning read :) Also, I must live a pretty sheltered life - lol - I had never seen any of the "Jolie's Leg" or "Jolie'ing" stuff before!! Thanks for that, I checked out the link - Hillarious! :) You & Mitch have a great weekend!

  2. Oh yahhhh the Angelina is BACK!
    And nice job on the shopping ban! Keep up the good work :)
    CUTE look!

  3. Love your outfit!! xoxo jillian

  4. Hahaha thanks Kelly! I just couldn't resist... ;)

  5. Thanks so much for your sweet comment Samara! Haha glad I could educate you about 'the Angelina' ;)

  6. haha.. you can't help but do the Angelina in a split skirt! Love the whole look!

  7. I love this look so much! You look stunning. The colours come together so perfectly.

    ps: your bloglovin' feed is working again. Finally! :)

  8. Thanks Wren! Yayy glad it's finally working again haha :)

  9. Thanks Melody! Yes, it just has to happen haha :)