Thursday, 24 October 2013

Working on my... personality?

Well I knew I had taken a break from blogging, but I did not realise it had been almost three months! Time flies, and all that. I actually took a break from the whole blogging/blog-reading/Youtube-watching world. Cold turkey. To be honest, I realised that I was spending way too much of my time and energy and brain power on things that really shouldn't be taking up much time and energy and brain power at all. 

As I told Mitch, I decided I needed to concentrate more on the things that matter. Actually, I think my exact words were I need to grow a personality!!! whilst in a fit of angst and revelation. So now, in the interests of personality-building, I read the news and websites full of vaguely-intellectual, interesting opinion articles when I need to unwind/procrastinate/distract myself, instead of blogs. I'm watching good ('good' being highly subjective ;) ) TV shows and movies to relax instead of people talking to/about themselves on YouTube. There have been some wardrobe (and makeup!) culls. Less shopping. More reading of books. And baking. There is a lot of baking involved. So personality-building is probably not so good for my health ;)

I know this all sounds ridiculously pretentious and artificial, but really it's not. These are just things I've always been interested in which have been pushed aside by some bad/lazy habits. Hobbies which are entertaining and brain-stimulating. Activities which are more outward-looking than self-focused. Not saying I'm suddenly a cultured intellectual who eschews the fun and superficial (that ain't ever going to happen!) but I'm definitely feeling better about what I'm spending my brain power on. Just feeling a bit more balanced.

Here's a sampling of some things from the interwebs that I have particularly liked recently (and which are in my folder called 'For Brain' - really!!)...

And here's a picture of me in case you don't believe I'm actually still alive...

On the way to the Justice Awards Night with Mitch, where I was one of a group of law student volunteers nominated for the Community Legal Centres NSW Award :)

Monday, 5 August 2013

An outfit post!

Jacket: Sussan. Jumper: Ally. Jeans, scarf: Cotton On. Boots: Target. Necklace: Sportsgirl. Bag: K-Mart.
Finally - an outfit post! This blog has been looking a bit neglected of late, but I can't say I feel particularly guilty. I've been happy just enjoying being busy with life things while still doing an (un?)healthy amount of blog reading and YouTube watching, without feeling particularly compelled to blog myself. This things eb and flow, I guess. 

This past weekend was both great and a bit of a doozy! First, the great: we celebrated Mitch's 25th(!!!) birthday with a family lunch at a near-by Japanese restaurant. Everyone came back to our place for cheesecake (I made his favourite one) and tea, and it was all very lovely. That morning I'd successfully, sneakily surprised him with a BBQ - which he loves! Actually we both love, seeing as it's going to result in some delicious meals :)

Now for the doozy parts: firstly, Mitch had to work on his birthday (on a Sunday!) so we had to move the celebrations to Saturday. He didn't mind, but I thought it was a bit of a shame. Then on Sunday night I got into a grump, ruined a batch of brownies we were making for him to take to work the next day, and stayed in a funk until bedtime. We talked it out before falling asleep, but I felt guilty for ruining the evening! And finally, on Monday(this) morning Mitch had a flat car battery, after accidentally leaving his lights on overnight. He took my car to work, so it wasn't too much of a problem. Or at least it wouldn't have been, except that we both forgot you have to pay for street parking around here during the weekdays, and so he copped a $101 fine :/

Let's hope this week is only uphill from here! 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

A weekend in Sydney

At the zoo! Best view in Sydney.
Spot the spooners?
Always good to know...
Caught in the act!
I could watch these guys forever.
Pram parking!!
The view from our rather fabulous hotel room.
Complimentary bubbles and fruit.
Ready for dinner.
Dress: K-Mart. Necklace, boots: Sportsgirl.
You're pretty, Sydney.
Long time, no see! I'm back from a week of an doing intensive uni subject and a week of holidays at the snow. I thought I'd ease back into things with some pretty pictures from the lovely weekend Mitch and I spent in Sydney a few weeks ago. 

First stop was Taronga Zoo, where we spent the day equally admiring the animals and the view. We stayed the night at a fancy hotel, where Mitch got us a free suite due to a bad experience last time (now that's what I call good customer service). The next day we I did a lovely bit of shopping, followed by catching an afternoon screening of The Heat. Rave alert: that film is bomb-diggity, pee-yourself laughing good. 

Mitch had planned the whole weekend as a total surprise. Despite his supreme sneakiness, and refusal to even talk about it for fear of giving something away, I did guess where we were going beforehand. What can I say, I know him too well ;)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Getting chilly and life updates

Jacket: Sussan. Top: Jay Jays. Jeans, boots, bag: K-Mart(!)

The temperature has finally dropped around here, meaning that a jumper and jacket is usually required (I'm such a cold frog). Consequently, taking my jacket off in the park for these pictures was just a bit chilly.

In other life news; next week I'm doing an intensive subject in Sydney (yes, during my holidays!) which will require commuting up there everyday. I'm not looking forward to the travel aspect - the train leaves at 6.30am and I probably won't get back until 7.30pm! Eek. So if there's not much blog activity happening around here next week it's because I've fallen asleep on a train somewhere...

Before that though, I've got a fun weekend to look forward to. Mitch is whisking me away somewhere for the weekend. It's a surprise and I've got no clue where we're going - exciting! He's written me a super cute packing list though, with weather estimates ("10*C - 20*C, no rain"), clothing/shoe recommendations ("1x walking shoes, 1x date night shoes") and general location info ("will be urban in nature"). He obviously doesn't want any packing melt-downs happening on Friday night (who, me?) ;)

Have an excellent end of the week and weekend! :)

Monday, 8 July 2013

A recipe! Sticky sour cream, golden syrup and ginger cake (oh my)

Recently I had the urge to bake something new and was craving something gingery and sweet. So I pulled out Belinda Jeffery's 'Mix & Bake', restrained myself through the chocolate section and then found this lovely number. It's absolutely delicious, and didn't last long at all around Mitch and I ;)

Here's the recipe straight from the book, to save me typing the whole thing (and getting anything wrong)! My alterations: instead of whisking by hand I used my free-standing mixer for everything. I also gave the cake a generous coating of extra golden syrup when it came out of the oven, which made it extra moist, sweet and delicious. Enjoy!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Black and white

Skivvy: Dotti. Jumper: Ally. Pants: Zara. Boots: K-Mart.

Recently I've been reaching more for monochrome pieces when getting dressed. I can't be bothered with mixing colours and prints too much, instead appreciating how easy it is to wear neutrals and preferring to add colour with my lipstick or a scarf. Perhaps it's because it's winter, or because I'm just craving a bit of simplicity, but it seems I'm leaning more towards classic than quirky in my old age ;)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

This weekend was a good'un

This past weekend was my first 'free' one since the start of the year, as uni has now finished. This is what I'm looking forward to about graduating and becoming a 'real' adult - having my weekends free, with no studying to be done. We had friends over on Saturday night and went out to dinner. We had a lazy sleep-in on Sunday. And we had an indulgent picnic lunch of fish'n'chips and cake at Bass Point - a lovely picnic spot 20 minutes down the coast, also popular with surfers and fishermen.

Only another year (*groan*) until I can do these sorts of things every weekend!